Neighborhood Icon: Reynaldo Cayetano Jr


Since the San Francisco Chronicle moved into its iconic building in 1924, Fifth and Mission has been a place where the stories of the city come to life. 5M will tell today’s urban story, bringing together a dynamic mix of the arts, culture and tech with the local communities that have been anchored here for decades.

Empow(her)ment: A Dialogue with Pinay Entrepreneurs

During this time of uncertainty, communities have come together to lift each other up. The SoMa community in San Francisco has long exemplified this spirit of bayanihan and what it means to be there for one another, even when we can’t be together physically. As we began to shelter-in-place in March, many community events were … Continued

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The Storied History of the M&M Tavern

Once upon a time, newspapers were still printed on paper, people still had three-martini lunches (skip the lunch),  and the M&M Tavern at 5th and Howard was a home away from home. Reporters, factory workers, bookies, cops, and an immortal army of cockroaches could be found at this Irish dive bar.    In 1934, less … Continued

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Señor Sisig Innovates with Food and Finance

At a time in San Francisco when even modest up-and-coming restaurants involve multi-million dollar renovations, the food truck has become the incubator of food innovation. It also thrives in a city where customers shun giant chains but still demand food that is fresh, cheap and fast, None more so than Señor Sisig, a Filipino and … Continued

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It Takes the Hood to Save the Hood

Sal Villalobos grew up in heart of SoMa with a single mom and knows what it’s like to be left to your own devices as an inner-city youth. “By age 15 I had my first possession charge,” he said. “I was in and out of juvenile court until, at age 19, I finally decided to … Continued

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